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Omaha Millennial Advisor

Omaha needs a financial advisor focused on millennials.  That is me.  My name is Jason and I am here to help you.  I believe millennials are often overlooked, especially where investments are concerned.  You hear advertising constantly targeting “pre-retirees” and “retired” individuals.  Those advisors are simply grabbing at the most dollars.  Millennials are viewed to have little money and few advisors are willing to give us the time of day.  

I am here to truly help you, at a stage where your early decisions ARE drastically changing your future outcomes.  So, I am starting the OMA blog to connect with you and help you with your investments.  I plan on keeping these posts short and to the point.  If you have questions you would like me to tackle, please leave a comment below or reach out by email at

That is all for now.  Much more to come in the future.  Please subscribe to follow along on the journey.




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