Clients First

Clients come first at LongView.  Your needs drive our recommendations and we always act in your best interest.


LongView offers an affordable way to plan for your financial future.  We work with you to create a unique plan, determine next steps, and execute your plan to achieve great results.


LongView can help you invest in a simple and efficient manner, while tailoring your portfolio to your plan.  We follow a disciplined process, focus on lowering fees and taxes, and work hard to achieve the best results possible.

LongView Investment

LongView Investment Management LLC is an independent, fee-only registered investment adviser in Omaha, NE.  LongView provides financial planning and investment management services to young professionals, families, business owners, retirees and institutions.

LongView was built from the ground up to put clients first.  Clients choose how we work together, with interaction that is tailored to their needs.  Clients experience first class service and are offered solutions that are in their best interest.  Clients are given transparent, flexible and straight forward payment options.

If this sounds interesting to you, let’s talk.  If we can help you, we would love to start the process today!  Set up a quick initial phone call now!

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