LongView Investment Management is an independent, fee-only registered investment adviser in Omaha, NE.  LongView provides financial planning and investment management services to young professionals, families, business owners, retirees and institutions.

Young Professionals – Getting started early can make a big difference.  Let us help you get started building wealth for your lifetime and beyond.  We can also help you design systems for cash flow, budgeting, saving and debt management to get you started on the right track.  LongView offers an affordable monthly subscription plan so we can work with people in all stages of their lives.

Families – Life is busy.  Let us help you simplify your financial life and help you plan for all your family goals.  Whether it is saving for your kids’ education or planning for retirement, LongView can help.

Business owners – Costs are key when running a business.  We can help you reduce your investment costs and help you achieve better long term results.  Whether it is finding a better return on short term cash or help with retirement planning for yourself or employees, LongView can help.

Retirees – We have many years of experience serving high net worth retirees.  We can help you with an income plan to make sure your retirement goals are met.  LongView can also help with distribution strategies and planning for Social Security and health care costs.

Institutions – We have many years of experience working with various institutions – schools, churches, synagogues, hospitals, and other non-profit foundations and endowments.  LongView can help your organization to develop a customized plan that best serves your group’s unique needs.  We can help with Investment Policy Statement creation, asset allocation, distribution strategies and board education.  Best of all, because of our experience, we can deliver a quality institutional investment process.  And, because LongView is structured to truly serve you, we can deliver all of that at a low cost to your organization.

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